Duty to Warn and Protect:  Considerations for New Jersey Psychologists

 by: Gianni Pirelli, Ph.D. ABPP

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Morris County Psychological Association and Essex Union County Association of Psychologists Presents: 

Grief After Suicide: What Do Survivors Need?

 by: Sarah Dougherty, PsyD and Jesse Bassett, M.D, M. Div. (of Good Grief)

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New Trends in Psychiatry: Treatment Resistant Depression

by Robert C. Lieb, M.D.

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Sexuality in Later Life: Navigating the Challenges

of Changing Bodies

by Daniel N. Watter, Ed.D

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Fostering Psychological Flexibility and Nurturing Communities

 Through Acceptance and Mindfulness-Based Approaches

by Jennifer Block-Lerner, Ph.D., Amanda Aster, Psy.D., and Paola Ricardo, B.A.

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Psychologists in Primary Care:

Where are We and Where are We Headed?

by Robert E. McGrath, PhD

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The Slave Next Door: What Psychologists in NJ Need to Know

About Human Trafficking

by Susan Neigher, Phd and Jennifer Amaya

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Understanding the Opiod Epidemic:

Clinical Application for Psychologists

by Kristine DeJesus, PsyD

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Chronic Pain

by Milton Spett, Phd

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Integrating Mind-Body Focus Into Clinical Practice

by Joshua Zavin, PhD

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Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples:  Listening for Attachment

Themes to Build Empathy

by Elisabeth Brown, PsyD

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Childhood PTSD; Research, Assessment and Treatment

by Philip Saigh, PhD and Leah McGuire, PhD

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From Wrong to Strong; Positive Psychotherapy

by Dan Tomasulo, PhD

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Stress Redcution for High School and College Students in the School and Office Setting

by Perry Bell, PsyD

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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Vs. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder:

What's the Difference and How Can We Help?

by Stephanie Cummings, MD



Meet and Greet With NJPA Leadership

with Kiera Boertzl-Smith, JD, Barry Katz, PhD,

and Hulon Newsome, PsyD



Firearms and Mental Health: A Primer for Psychologists

By Gianni Pirelli, PhD



There's An App for That: Using Apps to Enhance Your
Clinical Practice
Nicole Rafanello, PhD & Francine Rosenberg, PsyD

High Conflict Divorce Impact and Dynamics and Effective
Role Strategies for Adult and Child Clinicians
Sharon Ryan Montgomery, PsyD

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Update on Psychopharmacological 
Treatment of Depression
Eric Bartkey, MD

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Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Lisa Greenberg, Phd and Laura Richardson, PhD
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Using Mindfulness to Help Clients Manage Weight, Emotional Eating
and Binge Eating
Debra Gill, PhD
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The Faces of Fear - Children on the RUN
Joint meeting With EUCAP
Roy Aranda, PsyD, JD
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Gender Affirmative Treatment for
Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth
Margaret Nichols, PhD
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Working With Aggressive Children and Adolescents
Barry A. Katz, PhD and Mark Singer, EdD
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The Dilemma and Consequences of Undisclosed and Unrecognized Substance Use Disorders

 Gregg Benson, MA, LCADC


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Pharmacogenomics in Psychiatry - Genetic Testing and the Choice of Medications
Dr. Katherine Feingold

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  "Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders"
Presenter: Suzanne Buchanan, Psy.D., BCBA-D

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"Can You Train Your Brain?"
Presenter: Ashley Gorman, Ph.D.

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High School Psychology Awards Program

Moderated by Susan Neigher, PhD

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"Psychopharmacology Update

With regard to Treatment of 

Bipolar Disorders" by Dr. William Becker

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“What’s New in Psychopharmacology?"

Presented by: 
Rob Lieb, M.D.

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September 14, 2011

“The legacy of 9/11:

Exploring the sequelae for our world, our work, and ourselves”

 Presented by

Nina Thomas, Ph.D., ABPP, CGP

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October 19, 2011

A Discussion about Prescriptive Authority in New Jersey:

A new specialty

 Presented by

Sean Evers, Ph.D., President of New Jersey Psychological Association

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November 9, 2011


Disclosing Confidential Information When Working with Children and Adolescents.

Panel Discussion with:

Phyllis Lakin, PhD (clinical), Marcy Pasternak, PhD (forensic), John Murdoch II, Esq.(legal), Chad Gillikin LCSW(school-base student assistance programs),

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April 11, 2012

An Introduction to Webinars for Practitioners

Presented by Josephine Minardo, PsyD



May 18, 2012

"Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex Offenders

But Were Too Shocked to Ask (Almost)"

Presented by Jeffrey Singer, PhD




June 6, 2012

2012 MCPA High School Scholarship Program

Presented by Susan Neigher, PhD



September 12, 2012

Introduction to the Private Practice Manual

Presented by Barry Helfman, PsyD



October 10, 2012

"Reasonable Accommodations in School Settings and The Workplace"

Presented by Jayne M. Wesler, Esq.




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